A ten year workshop (a week per winter, 2012–22) by åbäke and Yair Barelli.

February 2012
“Semaine de tous les possibles” HEAD (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design de Genève)

åbäke: Yaïr, we have discussed this workshop and it seemed we agreed to go on a little adventure. what is your definition of an adventure?

Yaïr : it’s a starting point, a direction; the attraction of being lost, disoriented. when does an adventure become a suffering… or a bore? and vice versa, when does boredom or suffering transform itself into an adventure?

åbäke: suffering is almost necessary. all good stories need obstacles. boredom is more difficult. We can perhaps divide two adventures in this workshop: the adventure we will live between us and the adventure we will communicate; the difference between crossing the atlantic ocean on a raft and writing a book to tell people about it.

Yaïr : you and I have never proposed this kind of workshop. we are in the dark but we move forward. this week is a trip together which will start and finish at the HEAD college. It could be long or short. it needs to be lived as a group but the field of experimentation is either collective or individual. what we will not do: being in a closed environment, continuing a routine, staying alone. at the end of the week we will present something to the rest of the college: « LE MAGNIFIQUE AVVENTURE »

we request the participants of this workshop to be entirely available for the week, monday we meet during working hours and from Tuesday morning to Friday eveneing we will spend time together including evenings and nights. Please bring seasonal clothing for at least four days, comfortable shoes, your passport, a sleeping bag and money for food for a week. any obect is allowed as long as you carry it yourself. THIS WORKSHOP IS OPEN TO ANY BACHELOR STUDENTS OF ANY DEPARTMENT.

Thank you, åbäke & Yaïr Barelli February 2012

The 2012 participants : Emmanuel Alexiou, Angélie Bais, Yaïr Barelli, Patrick Donaldson, Elodie Gallay, Elizabeth Gayard, Adrien Giacchino, Ingrid labombe-rousseau, Manon Grivet, Céline Jobard, Maïlys Leung, Amandine Mane, Lucille Mossiman.

The 2013 participants : åbäke, François Andrea, Yaïr Barelli, Adrien Giacchino, Anne-Catherine Hittinger, Mark Lembo, Manon Portera, Amélie Ramseyer & Fabio Stephanoni.

The 2014 participants : åbäke, Amélie Ramseyer, Amandine Mane, Manon Portera, Lucille Mossiman, Yaïr Barelli, Natasha Ellul.

At the end of the 2012 workshop, Na Kim, editor of Umool Umool gave us the opportunity to publish a project about “collaborations” and a version of the week spent in Geneva was made as a parasitical insert to her magazine’s tenth issue. The pages are available here.

le magnifique avventure 2013 from abake on Vimeo.

 le magnifique avventure 2012