The teaching is based on an introspective approach considering the personal experience of the dancer, as a technical tool as well as a creative resource. The class' warm up is based mainly on Yoga. Other explorations are inspired from Authentic Movement and Material For the Spine*. The creative work explores divers’ exercises based on individual practice. It involves movement, voice and speech. a special focus is given to the eyes, opened and closed, being seen and observing others. Following the desires of the body, discovering what it likes to do with the least possible interference, constantly pushing aside social codes, or habits from dance and other practices. Thus practitioners can get closer to their body needs at the moment. On the other hand, through Yoga and Material For the Spine* they deepen their awareness to sensation, alignment and the sense of weight.

started teaching in the Jaffa Group Dance School, and in the Vertigo Dance Company in Israel, since 2009 he teaches in the B.A. and the M.A. programs of choreographical studies in the CNDC - National Centre of Contemporary Dance in Angers France and in the Edge program in The Place, London Contemporary Dance School.
He led a long period research process in the University of Poitiers

teaching experience:

2006-2008 teacher in the Jaffa Groupe Dance School - improvisation, and contact improvisation
2007-2008 teacher in the Vertigo dance school and the Vertigo Company
2009-2010 teacher in the CNDC Angers yoga classes once a week
may 2010 - one week workshop in The Place, London at the EDGE program
2010-2011 a series of workshops in the Poitiers University in collaboration with Emmanuelle Huynh
october 2011 - two weeks workshop in CNDC Angers in collaboration with Nuno Bizzaro and Emmnuelle Huynh
april 2011 - GIFT class in musee de la danse in Rennes
february 2012 - a week workshop in HEAD Geneva, in collaboration with Maki Suzuki
workshops - dans le cadre de "all the knives" exposition performative, Z33 Hasselt novembre 2012 février 2013
ateliers/workshop "extensions sauvages" organised by Latifa Laâbissi march and june 2013
ateliers/workshop "Transmission" a project by Mickaël Phelippeau, organised by théâtre Brétigny january - mai 2013
february 2013 - a week workshop in HEAD Geneva, in collaboration with Maki Suzuki
workshops in fine arts school : Clermont Ferrand, Bourges, Paris, Cergy.

* developed by Steve Paxton